The ORLA Annual General meeting proceeded as planned. The general elections for the Executive Board was undertaken as scheduled. The following four (4)positions were open for nomination; President, Director of Programs, Director of Operations, Director of Organizational Development. No persons from the general membership put their name forward or were nominated for these open Executive Board positions. To ensure that the club can continue the Lacrosse programs for the kids of the community, the following Executive Board members will continue in their role for 1 more year

President – Don Turner; Director of Programming – Liza Zeer; Director of Operations – Clint Bymak;

The new Director of Organizational Development is Don Payne. Karly Hribnak has stepped down from the board this year. Karly has contributed on many board positions in past years and her absence from the board will be noticed. Karly is still very much involved in lacrosse and you will see her continuing to act in many volunteer roles for this association in the years to come. We sincerely thank Karly for her dedication and diligence throughout her term on the board.

It is important to let you, the members, know that it is very important that members begin to come forward to take active roles in the many volunteer positions. The Executive Board currently consists of 4 members who will be stepping down next year after having served at least two (2) terms (>4years) as Executive Board members. Three (3) board members are in the second year of their two (2) year term in their respective Executive Board positions. There could be up to 7 open executive board positions by next year.

The Executive Board have ratified a motion to provide a greater incentive for persons to take on the responsibility of an Executive Board Position. Each Executive Board member will be award a free ORLA player registration for the youngest child of that Executive Board member. Please see the ‘About us’ tab to view the responsibilities of the Executive Board members

Information and Quick Links

ORLA Volunteer Positions required to be filled IMMEDIATELY:

Picture Night Organizer

Sports Clothing & Apparel organizer
Web Master

To volunteer for any for these positions, please contact any of the Executive Board members to discuss your interest.

2015 FOUNDERS CUP - the Canadian Lacrosse Association’s Jr. B. National Championship, is being hosted by the Calgary Mountaineers Jr. B. Lacrosse Club. Games will be played at the Max Bell Arena from August 17-23, 2015. They are looking for Volunteers in a variety of roles to help with this event. More details and contact information is included in this attached document.

Volunteer Information

Events and Announcements


For information regarding the 13th Annual SPRING CLASSIC please check the Events tab above

Select here for the Raiders Lacrosse Boys & Girls Practice Times for the Month of April

Registration: The beginning of the 2015 Lacrosse season is only a few short weeks away. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you register for the season as soon as possible. As the registration proceeds, we are able to plan and schedule the appropriate evaluations and tryouts for the division of play. Listed below is some key information pertaining to the season. To register, select the link to the right or access the registration page by selecting the "Member Login" tab above.

NOTE:      We are not accepting player team requests unless there are extenuating circumstances which will be discussed at the board level

Evaluations: The Evaluations have concluded for the Raiders divisional players.  The Age Division Coordinator will contact all players this week to inform them which level of play and team they have been selected for.

Camps: The player camps have concluded. Thanks to those players who attended.

New Player Camps:
The new player camps have concluded. Thanks to those new players who attended.

Goalie Camps: The Goalie camps have concluded.Thanks to those players that attended.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Director of Registration or any of the other executive board members.


Look forward to seeing you in the 2015 Box Season!

Contact for more information
Okotoks Raiders Lacrosse Association, Box 898, Okotoks, AB, T1S 1A9

The Roughneck season is concluding. Select link to access their the website for their remaining Home Games